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Why Kettle Corn?

Popcorn has been popped for decades. It is believed that cowboys and farmers in the mid-west made kettle corn after a days harvest. They threw fat into a hot iron pot. Once the fat was hot, they added corn kernels and any sweetener they may have had, like honey or molasses.

We use Mushroom Popcorn, because it pops into large round kernels. We also use 100% pure corn oil, sugar and salt. Our Kettle Corn is delicious and it's good for you too.

Our equipment...

160 Qt. Kettle Corn Popper with Oil Station and Corn sifter.

Below - our equipment station

Table cover


Olde Tyme Kettle Corn is proud to make corn in an NSF certified kettle corn popper. Our machine is CSA and TSSA certifified with a UL listed pilot system. It is safety assured.

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